Balance Through Reiki
with Christine

What to Expect during a Reiki Session
Your Balance Reiki session...

During a Balance Reiki session, the practitioner will generally begin by talking briefly with the client and getting a feel for what he or she would like to work on during the session and discuss any other questions or concerns that the client may have. The client remains fully clothed only removing jewelry, watch, belt, and shoes and will lie comfortably on the massage table, with a blanket, while soothing music plays in the background and lights are dimmed for relaxation and tranquility.   

The practitioner will guide the client in a simple meditation of release and relaxation. She will gently place her hands on the client’s shoulders in order to establish a strong flow of energy and then will gently place her hands on or above different parts of the client’s head and body in a series of positions that are typically held for 3-5 minutes. The hand positions give a general coverage of the head and torso, giving particular attention to the seven main energy centers (the chakras) and also the knees and feet. The Reiki session will last anywhere from 40-45 minutes for a 60 minute session.  Once the Reiki is complete the practitioner will allow the client a few minutes to come back out of his/her deeply relaxed state and sit up and discuss anything that may have come up for him/her. The client is encouraged to drink at least one glass of water to help the body process the excess healing energy it has received and help ensure the release of unwanted toxins. 

Reiki treatments do not involve pressure, manipulation or massage. The client only needs to relax during this time. The practitioner will be channeling the Reiki energy through her hands to help facilitate the clearing of negative energy, balancing the chakras, and infusing positive energy.

It’s not uncommon for a client to be in and out of a sleep-like or meditative state during this process. At the end of the session, the practitioner may use gentle brushing or sweeping motions on the back, arms or legs of the client and may place her hands on the client’s ankles to ground them. This helps to bring the client back to physical reality.

Each Reiki session is unique and creates a state of relaxation that puts the client’s body in the best condition for healing. The body absorbs whatever energy it needs automatically and Reiki always goes to wherever it is needed in the body.

Many clients may feel warmth emanating from the practitioner’s hands, tingling, or other physical sensations, but is not necessarily the case for everyone. A range of feelings are sometimes experienced, from very relaxing to very emotional, depending on the balancing and release of negative energy taking place for an individual.

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